B.H. Development   Jan 2003 – Jun 2004   Senior Software Engineer

(AKA Blue Horseshoe)


Developer of online casino gaming hosting system, “Jet Set Poker”.








I wrote the True RNG (Random Number Generator) Host Servers, and card shuffling algorithms as a Windows Service under Win2000 / XP.


Authenticated by Cigital!

Cigital conducted an in-depth analysis of the RNG’s data stream and entropy sources as well as the procedural methods used by JetSetPoker to ensure the integrity of the RNG’s output. Unable to break the RNG using standard methods, Cigital subjected JetSetPoker’s RNG to a battery of state-of –the-practice tests, including FTPS 140-1 test, the Marsaglia Die-Hard test and the Berlekamp-Massey examination. The JetSetPoker RNG passed those tests, exhibiting no statistical weakness.


“For gaming companies, the generation of reliable random numbers is an absolute necessity,” said Gary McGraw, Ph.D., chief technology officer at Cigital. “We were impressed with the design of JetSetPoker’s RNG and applaud its use of a sound entropy extraction algorithm applied to multiple entropy sources. After extensive analysis and testing, we are confident that JetSetPoker’s RNG exceeds industry standards and consistently provides statistically random sequences when shuffling and dealing hands. This should provide JetSetPoker.com players with a fair and enjoyable gaming experience.


Architected the MMOG - Network Host-Host and Host-Client communication and camouflage protocols: Client Gateways and Host network infrastructures.


Wrote “Beaver”, a Host Monitoring Watchdog and Performance Monitoring Windows Service.


Wrote “Cloud”, a multi-Host Monitor and Control application.



Some graphics and communications code optimization.