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“Vector Game Math Processors”

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There were suppose to be eight files on the CD, four folders each individually zipped up as ZIP and SIT files making it very portable. For some reason the files on the CD with the book were shipped expanded. This means that they would all be write protected and if the CD wasn’t prepared by a Macintosh then a Mac will have to retype all the files. That and since the book is three years old and the 80x86 book shares those same files, they are included here for those users. (But please actually buy at least one copy of the book!)







PowerPC / AltiVec







Pg. 330  Listing 12-5  (Compliments: Brett Bourbin)

  lq   t1, 0(a1)        // aMx[a0…a3]  {a3 a2 a1 a0}

  lq   t2, 16(a1)       // aMx[a4…a7]  {a7 a6 a5 a4}

  lq   t3, 32(a1)       // aMx[a8…aB]  {aB aA a9 a8}

  lq   t4, 48(a1)       // aMx[aC…aF]  {aF aE aD aC}


  sq   t1, 0(a0)        // dMx[d0…d3]  {d3 d2 d1 d0}

  sq   t2, 16(a0)       // dMx[d4…d7]  {d7 d6 d5 d4}

  sq   t3, 32(a0)       // dMx[d8…dB]  {dB dA d9 d8}

  sq   t4, 48(a0)       // dMx[dC…dF]  {dF dE dD dC}


Pg. 433-434  The Pixel Shaders table is suppose to contain a shaded smiley face icon ☻ and not the right parenthesis!


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