Blue Falcon Networks, Inc.†† Nov. 2000 Ė Aug. 2002†† Senior Research & Development Engineer

(Formerly Static Online, Inc.)


(They had since become†† Akimbo Systems, Inc.)




Built Performance Monitoring Tools for Win32 with event triggering upon threshold detection and email notification.


Wrote optimized X86 assembly to accelerate Secure Hash Algorithm (SHA-1).


A fun project was being lead research and design engineer loaned to the group to help build the Open Source DivX;-) CODEC for Macintosh, and other Motorola and IBM PowerPC based computers such as Nintendoís Game Cube. Used highly optimized PowerPC and AltiVec Assembly code.Recommended design changes to the implementation and optimized generic C Cross Platform code for speed.





Lead for the Game Synchronization Toolbox (GST) building a new Software Development Kit (SDK).Cleaned up Network Gaming APIís and constructed an enhanced core for the GST.



And lots of other stuff!


The one neat thing is that Iíve had a PS2 DevTool on my desk for almost my entire employment with the company. Gadzooks I want to build new technology or games again! At least my book writing is keeping my skills up until the economy turns around and game companies start hiring again at appropriate wage levels!