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Boy Scouts of America has been keeping me very busy between trained positions and events!




Assistant Scout Master


Troop 799 (Thousand Oaks)

Conejo Valley

Ventura County Council





Leave No Trace (Master)


Trainer of Leave No Trace Trainers

I teach outdoor ethics!

Class #8 coming up 1-3 Nov, 2019


Woodbadge - WE4-57-19 - Quarter Master 2019


Awarded the District Award of Merit - 2016



STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics)

My STEM Booth at 2015 Camporee. Scouts racing each other in my micromouse maze in a mirrored configuration using remote controlled HEXBUG spiders. My maze is exact to the specifications for the APEC micromouse contests. I actually have two maze sections bolted together and then wall panels set as two identical mazes for this STEM contest. Surface is double sided black melamine. This was hand drilled not machine drilled so clips were added to the tops of the walls to help lock them in place. Ends of walls are tongue and groove.


See: 2014 APEC(28th) Micromouse Contest.



     STEM (District Co-Chair) 2014-2015

o  Boy Scouts

o  Venturer Scouts

     STEM Nova Counselor

     STEM Super Nova Mentor






Merit Badge Counselor (Merit Badges I am a counselor for.)








Game Design















Model Design and Building





Movie Making







Digital Technology







Image:Emergency Preparedness.jpg


Emergency Preparedness



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Environmental Science


Signs, Signals and Codes

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Family Life





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First Aid



Note: Silver bordered patches are Eagle related!



Windy Hollows 2017-2018

The following picture is from the October Halloween carnival in 2018."



Up until 2017 the troop supported the mens club by baking and selling the corn husks, then in 2017 they decided they did not need us anymore. The costs involved for renting equipment etc. was not justifiable. So I stepped up with yet another grandiose idea. How about a shooting gallery and they said yes.

I populated a blank carnival board that I had designed for a client and borrowing from their game, reworked the code to make it better. Where they used dyed water in red, green, blue, and yellow in the tubes, I used clear water but installed an aquarium airstone in the bottom. A clear acrylic bottom inside the tube and a configurable color using fixed LED's. Shades of RGB, White and Amber allow many colors to be set. So Halloween colors are currently set. These LED' reflect off the bubbles and side of the tube and refract through those same bubbles and the side of the tube so they shine even in daytime. (Better late afternoon and especially at night!)

Eight pumps are installed which four are used to fill and four are used to drain. Entire gallery is constructed using 1" PVC pipes that are painted flourescent green. Totally dismantles into lots of small pieces except for the middle section which is the electronics bay. Contains electronics, pumps etc.

The top of each tube a float switch to indicate a tube is full and thus a winner.

Emergency road lighting was hacked by me, the processor replaced and reprogrammed with a winning sequence dance and wired to the game board. High power LED Florescent lighting is installed above each station inside the canopy at the top, and down below extended in front of each targetting box.

Each box is pluggable so that it can be taken offline and updated between carnivals. The target is actually two soda cans flattened and folded to be a large surface and have strength. Target photos slide into this target surface. There I cheated. Printed grey scale images on photo paper with my ink jet printer. Then by hand, using flourescent markers, recolored them. The grey scale gave them depth and the flourescent color made them pop. The entire surface of the gallery is skinned using flourescent cloth. As air vortex guns are used, a reactive linen is hung in front of a black backdrop thus misses can be scene where they hit. Flourescent painted Big Foot footprints are distributed on the ground, which catch stray flourescent light and illuminate. Though workers walking on them dirty them up. The top area is a running DVD running a slide show movie of the troops events and running swamp land ambiance!

The cool thing about this project is that the gallery can be reskinned such as in pastels, with pastel lighting so it can be an Easter scene, "Hunting Rabbits." Fourth of July, etc.

Carnival for October 2019 is fast approaching but not sure if I will find the time to build at least one whack'a'ghost plug-in station. Reusing some Rev A wire harness style boards from a slot machine progressive can be easily retasked to run a whack'a'ghost using large LED switches. Little kids have a hard time firing the vortex guns. (Borrowing an idea from a university project I saw online, I) Could even install an accelerometer mode in the mallet, with a switch on the unit, so if an older kid or an adult trys to use the whacker instead of the vortex gun then they would have to contend with smart ghosts seeing the mallet coming at themselves and thus duck!




First Aid CPR

Wilderness and Remote First Aid

Administering Emergency Oxygen

CPR/AED for Professional Rescuers and Health Care Providers

Blood borne Pathogens Training

Emergency Medical Response

First Aid for Public Safety Personnel (Title 22)


Edge Trainer

Wood Badge WE4-53-14

Leader Specific Scoutmaster

Climb on Safety

This is Scouting

Introduction to Outdoor Leader Skills

Safe Swim Defense

Safety Afloat Training

Hazardous Weather

Trek Safely

Youth Protection Training


Leave No Trace (Master)

Tread Lightly