ImagiNation Network  February 1994 - November 1995  Senior Programmer


AKA: Sierra Network

(Company Out of Business)


















An online gaming network!


Spring Scene

Winter Scene


Wrote the Software Development Kit (SDK) which allowed 3rd party developers to develop both Win95 and 16/32 DOS on-line gaming software. Duties entailed training internal and external developers, writing of the SDK code in ‘C/C++’ and Assembly as well as the technical writing of the on-line and printed manuals into being easy to read and technologically complete. The SDK program set involved the construction of the ‘Pseudo Host’ (PHost), ‘Pseudo Server’, ‘NT Virtual Message Router’ (NTVCMR), and application launcher in addition to the various DLL files and sample programs.  The PHost simulated a mini on-line system allowing games to be launched, groups formed and communications established on the same and/or multiple computers on a network using TCP/IP.  The PHost had diagnostic abilities to simulate modem speeds, propagation delays, and connections of various quality. Was consulted with by other teams on some technology issues.


The following are some of the tools I designed and built for the Win32 based simulated system.








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