Maxis South  February 1997 - June 1997  Senior Software Engineer

(Maxis-South was owned by Maxis and was closed down)


Chromoform  (1997 E3 Star)






This game used an RPS (Rock Paper Scissors system. It is designed as 2D animated sprites moving across a 3D mesh terrain. There are two or more teams of which consist of two kinds of base characters. Roller, Bounders, Walkers. (Ball, Hopper, Walking). There are resources on the terrain that they can merge with; Piercing, Inflated, Rigid. Upon merging the visual and interactive properties of the bug morph into the new character. Thus creatures can be built into complex bugs such as piercing-rigid-inflated walkers. But certain bugs can not be formed such as inflated-piercing rollers. and it would be able to pierce itself thus is not possible.


Team member of a 1997 Electronics Entertainment Expo star, “Chromoform”, a new network game for Win9X using the DirectX libraries.  It also went under the name of Clay Warfare. I had the overall responsibility for the Technical Design Document and construction of the sprite engine, sound interfaces, memory, diagnostic, language, and optimized assembly libraries.


Here is a closer view I pulled off the internet before it was removed. It actually shows a bounder in a middle of a hop.



The Parent company Maxis was purchased by Electronic Arts, which then closed down the Maxis-South Austin office and laid off the staff.