James & Tina Leiterman


Thousand Oaks, California


The Family






Erik, Nicholas, Trisha

Mandy, Kathleen, Erin


How many pictures does it take to get one right?

Picture taken Summer 2003

Mom & dad safely 180º from focal point!


You are not seeing things!  We have 23 (two cubed) = eight children from our marriage.


And the answer to your question is no! Eight is definitely enough! Also, I realize that we are way past 2003 but they are all mostly adults now and try to get all your kids to be in the same place at any point in time. It’s a scheduling nightmare. Besides I like that multi-tri photo set despite it being dated!


The kids were able to pull it off for me Christmas 2012 for one photo when I was working a new job out of state. The itty bitty kid in the middle near the top is my first granddaughter. Hiding behind them on our viewing right you can see four of Trisha’s chinchilla’s in the cage! She had visions of becoming a chinchilla rancher! Look for their red eye from the flash and the other two furry lumps!



Mandy, Christopher, (Sophia), Kathleen (her mom), Erin

Erik, Trisha, Nicholas



See how they’ve changed (and grown taller) ten years between pictures!



As much as I’ve been encouraged to and even have a title…



Are these all yours?


...I won’t be writing a book about them as they would rather keep their childhood in the past. Besides, there’s been too many super-sized family issues in the news! Well at least people keep saying I should write a book about life in such a big family! Especially, with all the interesting events and mishaps that occur in our eventful lives! They say “into each life a little rain must fall”, but it frequently seems like typhoon season in my household.



One of my brothers and I am published authors. Here is an array of our books. Follow the link for more information!







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My brother Robert and I are both published authors. Click here, books for more information!



Resume ScrollI typically joke about being a migratory engineer as my primary occupation is a Computer Software/Hardware/Firmware Developer and those kinds of companies tend to have trouble staying in business and so as a family we moved a lot.  But now with this new economy I have been going to other areas for work while those of the family that still live with the family stay put in Thousand Oaks, CA. (Since 2010 I’ve lived out of Hotel rooms in Arizona, Oregon and the San Francisco Bay Area.) For a peek at my career, see my Bio Sketch.




My E-Mail is  jim@leiterman.com