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I am a Senior Hardware / Software Designer


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I have done good things for the various companies that I have worked with and love working with new technology and people, which allows me to learn and grow as an individual contributor on team products. I have the following consecutive programming experience:


36+ years total programming experience.


This time was spent working with small and medium sized companies, which due to their smaller staffing allowed me to independently break new ground doing technology research, which in turn allowed my skills to develop and flourish.


Companies are paying fortunes for Localization efforts after the release of the domestic version of their products because of the unawareness of the proper method of building a global application.  This is a skill I’ve fine-tuned over the last 11 years.


Reusable code is a cornerstone of my personal philosophy of code development.  Despite the typical NIH (Not Invented Here) thinking of a majority of programmers, the modules I write are layered in such a way, as they are smart self-managing modules/engines to make life easier for the programmer.


·       3D & Tools Experience

·       Object Oriented Approach

·       Birds Eye View

·       On Time – On Target


This gives me a better vantage point to make proper development decisions as opposed to that of the typical programmer whom merely jumps in feet first without looking to see where they’re going to land and then typically drown.


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Note: I kind of slapped together this website just for fun and to act as a cover letter for my resume.  There used to be fish and one scuba diving nerd on the screen but there was a little problem of trying to read this page!


As Bugs Bunny would say, “First I was born.”


I first started with Electrons by helping my dad for many years as an Electrician’s apprentice.  He was an Electrical Contractor, his company, Leiterman and Sons Electric Company.  Interesting thing.  Although he had six sons, none of us went into his business.  New construction I liked, but I personally hated crawling under old houses.  I first started with Electronics by building circuits instead of doing my homework in Elementary and High School.  Ever try to build an adding machine with only diode matrices and switches?  Once one learns about the transistor it becomes much easier.  I first started with computers by programming, building and repairing them and their peripherals, down to the component level.  I also designed digital electronics and slave emulators for them.  This was back in the days of Imsai, Apple II, Atari, Processor Technology Sol 20, Exidy Sorcerer, Compucolor, etc.  Just to name a few.  I wrote diagnostic software to assist in the repair of some of them, especially the peripherals.  This awareness of what a computers’ hardware could do gave me an edge and opened the door into the world of video game programming.  Using this knowledge I was able to build circuits such as ram/rom cartridges so I could download game code into a specially built ram cartridge, throw a write protect switch, unplug it and then plug it into a 2600 console.  This clumsy method of development led me to build inexpensive slave emulators where I could single step the processor watching address and data lines via L.E.D’s (Light Emitting Diodes).  Or do debugging using a dumb terminal and a serial port.  Back then (in the dark ages) I worked with derivatives of the 6502, Z80 (Loved that Killer I/O chip), and TI 1000 processors.  I designed wire wrapped, and programmed a few electronic devices such as a battery based Dual tank Hydroponics controller, a crude slave emulator, etc.  In fact I used to be extremely good at 6502 and (8080) Z80 Assembly programming and circuit design, with a familiarity with the 8748 and now very ancient TI 1000 series.  Back then I used to reverse engineer electronic toys and devices, by taking them apart, drawing their schematics, and figuring out how they worked, but that’s ancient history and now I’m getting ahead of myself.


Over the years I’ve built a lot of video / computer games that made it to market and some that never made it to market but were hyped at the computer game show ‘E3’.  Not vaporware but the next thing to it.  One summer I taught at the summer program, “College 4 Kids.”  Any idea why it was the most popular class they had on campus?  Of course some of the kids thought it was a place where they could play video games.  To their surprise (since they didn’t read the syllabus) it was how to build them!  I have been a volunteer science, math, and computer instructor at an elementary school, where I’d take groups of four or so students at a time and teach them things related to the subject that they wouldn’t actually learn until High School or College.  I was also a volunteer fireman for about five years.  Have also worked for the U.S.F.S. (United States Forest Service) as a change of pace one summer after being laid off and while searching for a new job.


In 2007 I moved my office into M.E.L. My Mobile Electronics Laboratory.


I had some free time between Feb and Apr 2019 so I brought the ImagiNation Network Online gaming network back to life after 25 years of being out of business. I named the new system InnBarn. Rebuilt the services from scratch! Also created a proxy that runs on the client computer translating frame-modem protocols into tcp internet communications. Original client applications connect via the new proxy and most of the old games are online and you can play standalone or with other online players dependent upon the game configuration.
Additional information and installation instructions are available at the the following link.





Some years ago I had written and almost completed the book, which was meant to be volume one of a three volume set, “The Death and Rebirth of the X86 Assembly Language Programmer”.  It was written for the primary purpose that ‘C/C++’ compilers have been getting pretty good at building optimized code and so assembly language programming was becoming a dying art.  But with the advent of MMX, 3DNow, and S.S.E. (Katmai NI) instruction sets, there’s been a renewed need for assembly language programming and optimization based upon the Intel and AMD architectures.  I’ve had hot and then cold responses from publishers.  All whom were sent the book were excited about it but within a couple months they’d decided that since they couldn’t sell their last assembly language book, then they wouldn’t be able to sell this one either.  I think they missed the point.  It was a training manual, reference manual, and (tiny) autobiography all rolled into one.  It also contained real life code samples that one could use within their applications, not made up nonsense code you usually find.  Almost everyone whom I gave a copy to for review asked to keep their copies!  Others that I’ve known asked for copies as well, and only one was returned.  But it contained the requested editing notes.


Vol1: General x86 Assembly.

Vol2: Floating Point Math

Vol3: System Level Programming




Not to be disappointed I found and signed book deals, “Vector Game Math Processors”, “Learning Vertex & Pixel Shaders” and “32/64-bit 80x86 Computer Architecture.” with my publisher WORDWARE Publishing, Inc.  They are all available now and cover all flavors of X86, PowerPC, and MIPS Multimedia Assembly Language programming of Vectors, and shaders.


My brother Robert is a published author as well!












Click here for the books page for my brother and I for our books being published.


Click here for web links related to me that I have found from time to time.


The following working history is in reverse chronological such as a resume would be so that you don’t get bored silly!




A Senior Computer Engineer or Project Lead position where my experiences in creating and shipping extremely high quality, world-ready, hardware and software products can be utilized to make a significant contribution to your organization.


WORK EXPERIENCE     (Bio Sketch & Images)


XPERI (Formerly DTS)

Jan 2017 – Feb 2019

Senior Software Engineer

Haas Automation, Inc. (consult)

Nov 2015 – Jan 2017

Software Engineer

Zodiac Technologies (Consult)

May 2015 – Nov 2015

Software Engineer

Atgames, Inc.

Jul 2013 – May 2015

Senior Programmer

Intel Beaverton (Consult)

Nov 2012 – Jul 2013

Software Engineer

Microsoft (Consult)

Jun 2012 – Jul 2012

Software Engineer

VW Electronic Research Lab (Consult)

Nov 2011 – Jun 2012

Software Engineer

Intel Chandler (Consult)

Nov 2010 – Nov 2011

Software Engineer

Wild Goose Development

Aug 2002 - Present

Electronics / Software Design

Savage Games

Jan 2008 – Oct 2009

Senior Games Programmer

Midway Los Angeles

June 2004 – Aug 2007

Senior Games Programmer

Blue Horseshoe Development

Jan 2003 – Jun 2004

Senior Software Engineer

Blue Falcon Networks

Nov 2000 – Aug 2002

Senior Research & Design Engineer

Paradox Development

July 1999 – Oct 2000

Senior Software Engineer

Acres Gaming, Inc.

July 1997 – June 1999

Senior Software Systems Engineer

Maxis South

Feb 1997 – June 1997

Senior Software Engineer

Top Dog Software, Inc.

Nov 1995 – Jan 1997

Senior Programmer

ImagiNation Network

Feb 1994 – Nov 1995

Senior Programmer


Oct 1993 – Feb 1994

Engineer / Co-Manager

Lucas Arts Entertainment

Aug 1989 – Jan 1994

Senior Computer Engineer

Chang Laboratories

Apr 1984 – Aug 1989

Senior Software Engineer

Atari, Inc.

Apr 1982 – Mar 1984

Research Engineer

Horizon Simulations

Nov 1981 – Mar 1982

Video Game Programmer

Byte Shop - Beaverton

Feb 1979 - Oct 1981

Computer Service Repair


Consulting Work



·       Windows DirectX Linux

·       'C/C++' and Assembly

·       PowerPC {AltiVec}.

·       X86 {3DNow!(+) MMX(+) SSE(2)}.

·       MIPS C790 EE VU0/1.

·       Rabbit, PIC 18F, PIC 24F, Z80, 6502, and other ancient 8-bit processors.

·       Digital Electronics Design and Prototype Development.

·       Team Leader Developing International Software.



·       2013 B.S. Computer Science Degree from CSU Channel Islands.

·       1992 A.S. Computer Science Degree from Columbia College.





Volunteer - Boy Scouts of America




Volunteer - Firefighter (ancient history)