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Thousand Oaks, California


The Family


Easter 2019

The following pictures are at my home on Easter day in Thousand Oaks.



Pre-egg hunt front yard picture. My three grand daughters and grand son are sitting with my youngest daughter (their aunt), and her dog Dio, and my cute small dog Fluffy (Actually the big white furry one!)   My wife and I have 23 (two cubed) = eight children (now all adults) from my one and only marriage.

Over the years, especially when they were younger, "Are these all yours?"

   "Yep, we know what cause that now!"
   "Nah we find them here'n'there!"
   "Yes, however we had a few more but we lose them every now and then!"
   "They say cheaper by the dozen! We did not quite get that far!"
   "They say it takes a village to raise a child. They however did not help me pay my bills!"
     "The person typically responds, but your family is a village!"

Sorry, old joke responses of mine! Funny then, now days kind of not politically correct!"



Egg hunt was hours ago. It is now Pizza lunch in the side yard. (Much easier than the usual Easter breakfast!) I am the camera person standing in the shade under the awning of my rv (mobile lab & office). One of the dads of two of the grand kids is sitting in the chair with his son. The other dad of two had to leave earlier for work.


For years people keep asking, “are these all yours?



Well at least people keep saying I should write a book about life in such a big family! Especially, with all the interesting events and mishaps that occur in our uneventful lives! They say “into each life a little rain must fall”, but it frequently seems like typhoon season in my household.
Numerous stories to tell on another occasion!



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My brother Robert and I are both published authors. Click here, books for more information!



Resume ScrollI typically joke about being a migratory engineer as my primary occupation is a Computer Software/Hardware/Firmware Developer and those kinds of companies tend to have trouble staying in business and so when the family was younger we moved a lot.  But when the kids became older (oldest was in High School) I have been going to other areas for work while those of the family that still live with the family stay put in Thousand Oaks, CA while I travel and live in the western states for work. Arizona, Oregon and the San Francisco Bay Area.) For a peek at my career, see my Bio Sketch.




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